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 - As we are a non-profit organization, please donate generously to  support our efforts.

 - If you are over 18 years of age, you can sign up to become a  member of the organization.

 - Membership fee is $10 per month.

 - Please contact your area coordinator for further details.

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 Phone: 403-663-8804
 1-866-77-ISLAM (47526)

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 28 Crowfoot Terrace NW, P.O. Box 68142,
 Calgary Alberta T3G 3N8


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 Mission statement: To be the leading Canadian women’s organization in order to create awareness  among new immigrant women about their rights and responsibilities in the Canadian Society and  enhance their language skills. Help victims of domestic violence, peer pressure, discrimination and  bullying. Empower women in the community and help young girls in social, educational and professional  matters. To engage our community including multicultural neighbourhoods. To integrate in the Canadian  society while keeping our faith and culture. To respect other cultures and help in promoting multi- culturalism. To promote volunteer activities. And to engage senior citizens and break their  isolation.

Education is the key to prevention. Islamic Association of Canadian Women has been helping for 15 years, in communities across Canada through educational programs, which is the most important key to promote healthier relationships and safer communities.
Our organization keeps in touch with schools to help students who are facing discrimination, racism or bullying etc.
Family conflict counseling is provided to families to help prevent domestic violence.

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